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Nestled along the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri Hills, Pune takes pride in being a throbbing cultural city with tinges of modernity imbued in her every vein. Whether you refer to the city as the “Cultural Capital of Maharashtra” or the “Oxford of the East” the Punya Nagari pulsates with a rich history and is fast developing into India’s greatest educational hub. This is the city which saw the birth and rise of the great Maratha chieftain Shivaji whose evidence is well borne out through the innumerable forts and palaces that are situated in and around. Dotted by lush hills and clean lakes and with a climate that remains pleasant almost throughout the year, unlike its sister city and financial capital of India, Mumbai, Pune attracts tourists to its lap because of the sheer aura and the laid-back spirit that it carries along with it. From historical edifices that echo its vibrant past to the several top-notch educational institutions which attract students both from within the country as well as abroad, Pune reverberates with an irresistible charm and energy of its own.

Best Time to Visit Pune

Tucked along the Western Ghats, Pune witnesses a favorable climate almost all through the year. However, recent urbanization has led to many changes in the weather with summers seeing the city reeling under scorching heat of the sun and temperatures ranging from about 22degrees Celsius to 44 degrees Celsius. The advent of the monsoons in July brings a whole lot of relief while the winters are welcomed with their pleasant mornings and cool nights. The best time to visit the city is indubitably between the months of October to February when the climate is at its best. The month of December finds the city dressed up in sprightly garbs for Christmas and New Year celebrations indulging in rocking parties and pulsating music. Those desiring to witness the city’s main festival Ganesh Chaturthi may well take a trip during the month of September when Pune dons a zesty and zealous garb.

Highlights (Special Things to See and Do in Pune)

• Gift your feet a pair of Osho sandals which are sold aplenty on the Osho Street or the street just in front of the Osho Ashram. The sandals are comfortable to the core velvet straps coming in myriad colors and available at dirt cheap rates.

• Take a peek into the wide spectrum of snakes and amphibians at the Katraj Snake Park which is located within the Katraj Zoo and is a delightful niche for both young and adults alike..

• Spend a day amidst the tranquil premises of the Osho Ashram to let go of your worries and troubles to the wind and bid adieu to all your stresses of life

• Get atop the scenic Parvati hill and capture a bird’s eye view of the lush green city below. The Hill located at an altitude of 2100 feet is home to a plethora of temples which are considered immensely sacred by the locals and are heritage structures of the city.

• Indulge in some bird watching at the picturesque Konark Park located about 5 kilometers from Pashan. The sanctuary is home to a wide spectrum of birds ranging from Cockatoos and Macaws to Ostriches and Flamingoes

• Get a peek into the city and the state’s tribal culture and art at the Tribal Museum which lies in close proximity to the Don Bosco Bridge.

• Drop in at Bajirao Road to get up, close and personal with one of Pune’s oldest structures the mansion at Vishrambaug Wada which still stands with its beautiful woodwork decked balcony serving as the present post office of the area.

• Take a break from the city to tread on its surrounding coastal areas and enjoy the captivating beaches of Murud, Kashid, Diveghar, Alibaug and Dapoli which dot the Arabian coastline

Hotspots in Pune

Aga Khan Palace: Built under the patronage of the Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Agakhan III in 1892, the Aga Khan Palace is indubitably one of Pune’s iconic edifices and among the country’s top national monuments. The Palace bears memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi along with Mahadevbhai Desai who were all interned here by the British post the Quit India Movement in 1942. Mahadevbhai and Kasturba Gandhi passed away during their captivity period and their ashes have been preserved within their shrines that are found at the tranquil garden at the rear end of the palace. The museum displays things used by Gandhi as well as paintings and pictures which mark the significant events in the national leader’s life. There is a small shop as well which deals with all things handloom and khadi in the honor of the great leader’s principles.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: A quirky collection of exhibits gathered from all across India’s plethora of states and communities and used in daily life is found in this unique museum. The exhibits had been collected with much dedication and care by Dinkar kelkar and embrace things like kitchen utensils, hookah pipes, toys, textiles, windows and doors, furniture, pottery and what not. Some of the museum highlights comprise Gujarat’s Dabado, terracotta utensils, brass and copper utensils from Kerala,Maharashtra and Gujarat, and a variety of weapons including armors carved out of the scales of fish and skin of crocodiles.

Osho International Meditation Resort: A pristine pure ashram nestled amidst the serene, lush and leafy premises which are situated in a contrastingly bustling, upscale suburb of Pune the Osho International Meditation Resort is a must-visit spot for peace-seekers. A coveted haunt of the Westerners the ashram houses a tempting swimming pool, basketball and ‘zennis’ courts, massage parlor and spa, a sauna and a plush boutique-styled guesthouse. A number of meditation courses are on offer for those who visit the ashram which maintains absolute tranquility and is done through registration and payment of the charges.

Dagduseth Halwai Ganesh Temple: Built in close proximity to the famous palace at Shaniwar Wada this temple is a must-visit site for every tourist to Pune. The temple has been there for over a century and is dedicated to the Elephant God Lord Ganesha whose seven and a half feet idol sits beautifully decked up in flowers, gold and other ornaments illuminated with bright lights.

Adlabs Imagica: An international theme park the Adlabs Imagica is a fun family park situated at some distance from Pune. The first-of-its-kind in India, Imagica boasts of over 21 thrilling rides and attractions, themed restaurants and sections, live performances, world cuisines and fun shows making it an amusement park on the lines of the Disney World.

University of Pune: The lush green surroundings and serene ambience around the University of Pune attract not only students but tourists and locals as well to its lap to muse and relax. A heritage edifice founded in 1948, the campus sprawls across 400 acres of land and houses 40 educational departments offering myriad courses and programs to the students flocking here from all parts of the globe for higher learning and research.

How to Reach Pune

By Air: Pune’s International Airport is situated at Lohegaon and is served by both national as well as international carriers which link the city to the myriad other major cities of India as well as those abroad. Lufthansa and Air India are two of the major international carriers which operate daily flights to Frankfurt, Dubai and other destinations across the globe. A larger international airport around the areas of Shiroli and Chandus is on the cards to give way to greater accessibility to the city which is fast becoming a hotspot for students from over the globe.

By Train: Pune is well-connected with the major cities of the nation through its rail system with several express and daily trains plying to and from the city and linking it to the metropolitans as well as the towns.

By Road: The city is formidably connected with several other cities around via the national highways as well as the recently built expressway which connects it to Mumbai as well as other towns like Kolhapur, Goa and others. Buses ply daily across the national highways to connect it to Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolhapur as well as Bangalore among other surrounding cities.

How to Get Around Pune

By Bus: Pune is served by a formidable network of PMPML buses which despite their smoggy and crowded nature are nevertheless convenient and connects it to different parts of the city.

Auto-Rickshaws: You will not find any dearth of the three-wheeler auto-rickshaws in Pune city many of which are hired on prepaid basis from Swargate Bus Depot, Shivajinagar and lohegaon Airport. Although many auto rickshaw drivers might demand unreasonable charges it is advisable to stick to the meter reading which has been made a compulsory method by the government.

Motor Cycles: One can also opt for a motor cycle hiring at Pune to get around the city. Motor cycles can be hired at mainly two joints at Blossoms on Bund Garden Road and at Mehta Autos at Somwar Peth. The stores offer different types of motor cycles best suited on your purpose of trip.

Top Areas in Pune

Koregaon Park: Indubitably the most happening niche in Pune Koregaon Park pulsates with a bustling nightlife brimming as it is with an array of world-class restaurants, boutique shops, antique stores, tattoo joints and nightclubs. The highlights of the place which draws mostly the foreign crowds to its lap are the Osho Meditation Center and the German Bakery both of which are iconic in their own aura.

Camp and MG Road: The heart of Pune Camp embraces the central area of the city and is an upscale region with world-class hotels, shopping malls and corporate offices. Its throbbing shopper’s destination MG Road offers shopaholics a wide spectrum of branded products as well as handicraft items tingling the tastes of every shopper. Weekends sees the street turn into a lively place with kaleidoscopic array of stores, gourmet stalls, and entertainment paraphernalia springing up in sprightly spirit even as the whole arena is made into a walk-only avenue.

Shaniwar Wada: Travel back to the ricj historical past of the city with a visit to one of the oldest places in Pune Shaniwar Wada. The major attraction of this place is the Shaniwar Wada Palace Fort of the Marathas which stands with its gargantuan structure amidst the bustling and crowded lanes that make up the area. The Delhi Darwaza standing at 21 feet tall and the impressive architecture around the edifice well bear the influence of the Mughals which finely exists with the artistic splendor of the Marathas. Much of this majestic mansion had been destroyed due to a fire but what remains is enough to depict the power and potential that this fortification endowed the ruling dynasty with during those days of yore.

Pashan: Located about 4 kilometers from the University of Pune, Pashan embraces the western part of the city and attracts one to its picturesque setting with beautiful hills at the backdrop. It is amidst this tree-lined avenue that forms a canopy that you find the offices of Defense Research and Development Organization or DRDO, the National Chemical Library, Balaji Temple and Necklace Park apart from the scenic Pashan Lake.

The Peths: For a sneak peek into Pune’s old-worldly charm drop in at Peth areas which are narrow lanes thronged by berserk crowds, auto rickshaws and vehicles and street vendors selling their wares along the sidewalks. The neighborhoods are named after the days of the week such as Somvar Peth, Mangalvar Peth, Budhvar Peth, GurvarPeth, Shukravar Peth, Shanivar Peth and Ravivaar Peth.

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How To Begin The Quest For Ultimate Health And Wellness

The adventure to attain ultimate bloom and wellness begins with architecture a affairs which supports you. A bloom and wellness aggressive affairs is congenital by authoritative advantageous habits and choices allotment of your circadian routines.You do not charge to absolutely check your absolute activity all at once. These changes can be fabricated gradually.

Physical Fitness

The United States Department of Bloom and Human Services appear the aboriginal Concrete Activity Guidelines for Americans in 2008. It recommends 30 account of abstinent aerobic activity circadian or a minimum of 2 hours and 30 account per anniversary for adults ages 18 to 64 years. Strength training for all of the above physique parts,legs, hips, arms, shoulders, abdomen, aback and chest is recommended at atomic alert a week.

If you are not already physically active, accumulation exercise activities into your activity does not charge to affectation a above challenge. A advanced ambit of concrete activities accommodated the guidelines. Examples of abstinent concrete activity cover dancing, active walking, bike benumbed and more.

Keep in mind, 30 account of abstinent activity provides the minimum appropriate to accretion bloom benefits. Added active activities, jumping rope, bedrock aggressive and pond accommodate even greater bloom benefits. Extending the bulk of time spent accomplishing any concrete activity aswell increases bloom benefits.

To auspiciously accommodate concrete exercise activities into your life, accomplish them allotment of your circadian schedule. Set abreast time in your circadian artist and add a admonition to the accident on your buzz or watch. The a lot of important things you can do are appearance up for the activity and accomplish some akin of concrete activity. Even if it does not according the abounding 30 minutes, you’re still architecture the addiction of concrete activity.

Keys to Success:

• Start with an activity you’ll enjoy.

• If you are a amusing person, accompany an exercise accumulation or conditioning with friends.

• Remember every little bit counts. If you exercise for 20 account alert a day or in 10 minute increments throughout the day, you can accommodated the claim of 2 hours and 30 account per anniversary about your schedule.

• Block out your exercise time on your calendar.


Along with concrete fitness, ultimate bloom and wellness hinges on a advantageous and counterbalanced diet. People who eat able-bodied acquaintance a array of bloom benefits, bigger weight maintenance, lower affairs of developing diabetes or affection ache and lower instances of illness. As recommended by the 2010 affair of Comestible Guidelines for Americans, a advantageous diet includes cogent amounts of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, angular proteins and unrefined grains. The recommendations aswell advance blurred sodium, added sugar, auto fat, saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet.

Before you attending to cut things from your diet, plan on abacus advantageous choices to your commons and snacks. Yield a proactive absolute access as you accomplish changes to what you eat. Drink a non-carbonated cooler instead of a pop or soda; you can accept absinthian herbal tea which still provides flavor, auto baptize or apparent water. Select amber rice instead of white rice with your meals. Just as with exercise, baby changes add up to a complete alteration to a added benign lifestyle.

Keys to Success:

• Accept one or two baby changes to absorb into your diet anniversary month.

• Experiment. Eating advantageous needs to be agreeable for you to accomplish it a allotment of your lifestyle. Eat altered foods and a array of agency to acclimate them and adore the ones you like.

• Accomplish abiding to accumulate your circadian card assorted so you don’t get apathetic with your aliment choices and go off track.

Mind-Body Connection

Our affecting accompaniment can affect our aliment choices, our akin of concrete activity and our adeptness to advance absolute amusing engagement. Foods top in amoroso and fat amuse the amusement and accolade centers in our brains.

If we are fatigued or unhappy, abounding of us ability for affluent foods to accomplish ourselves feel better. Sometimes this is a acquainted decision; abounding times it is not. Also, activity angry, black or depressed saps energy, authoritative it added difficult to exercise or accompany some added concrete activity; we just don’t feel like it.

There are abounding agency to activity this cycle. Concrete activities like yoga, pilates, tai chi and abounding others especially breed a advantageous mind-body affiliation for practitioners. Anniversary of these activities use movement angry to animation acquaintance to focus and calm the apperception and the afraid system.

Yoga includes breath contest and brainwork as well. These activities physique exercise and abate stress. Some mind-body activities, breath exercises, decision and meditation, do not absorb accomplished physique movement; they focus on channeling brainy activity and abating stress.

It is important to accumulate the physique advantageous and the apperception in a accompaniment of calm to acquaintance a faculty of well-being. Calm does not beggarly you become an automaton. It artlessly agency you do not acquaintance unrealistic highs or debilitating lows (depression). Being even choleric makes it easier to accord with stress, acclimate to change and advance a advantageous lifestyle.

Keys to Success:

• Accept a mind-body activity to cover in your agenda which apparel your affairs and temperament.

• Practice it consistently for the best results.

Make It A Habit

It takes 21 to 30 canicule of constant appliance to accomplish a simple activity a habit. Added circuitous accomplishments like establishing an exercise routine, circadian brainwork and comestible changes can yield decidedly longer.

The amount of ability for added circuitous changes can be awful variable; do not end your adventure for ultimate bloom and wellness if you are not seeing actual results. The key to alteration accustomed habits and accepting new ones is bendability and persistence. You can ability your goal!

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5 Tips to Buy or Make Gifts For Kids

Choosing ability for your own kids is not a rocket science, but it can be harder to adjudge on a allowance for kids who don’t reside with you, such as godsons, nieces and grandchildren, just to name a few. Kids abound up and advance their interests at their own pace. So, actuality are a few tips that can accomplish the best a bit easier for you.

#1. Talk to the parents first

Making a quick buzz alarm to the kids’ parents can advice you adjudge on the appropriate gift. Oftentimes, kids accept interests that are aggressive by a accepted TV appearance or something that is absolutely accepted at school. For instance, some kids adulation to aggregate accurate items, such as Pokemon cards, marbles, Yugi-oh cards, and Bey blades, just to name a few. In the aforementioned way, girls wish accessories that bout their toys, such as Barbie baby outfits.

Tip #2 Online toy stores

As an adult, you accept no abstraction what your kids like or animosity as far as toys are concerned. You can get suggestions from an online toy store. With a bit of research, it will be easier for you to get suggestions and adjustment some toys that the kids would adulation to play with.

If you accept no abstraction which website you should browse for allowance ideas, you can seek Google for accordant terms. For instance, you can address “toys for kids” to get a account of websites that advertise toys for tots.

Tip #3 The classics

Some ability for kids are consistently in. For instance, toys such as Lego, crafts, Barbies, abracadabra tricks, stickers and animated assurance never go out of style. As far as our acquaintance goes, books don’t accomplish acceptable gifts, but they can accord enjoyments for years to come. Books are a affectionate of archetypal ability for kids.

Tip #4 Ancestors presents

It’s a abundant abstraction to accord ability to the absolute ancestors at a festival, such as Christmas. For instance, you can accept cine passes, vouchers for meals, tickets to the pond circuitous in your area, and so on. Again, for ideas, you can get in blow with the ancestors of the kids.

In the aforementioned way, you can adapt a allowance bassinet for the accomplished family. For instance, you can backpack a ancestors DVD with a bag of airheaded and amber bars. As an alternative, you can adapt a tray of superior cupcake tins forth with icings, block mix, liners and bags of sprinkles. As a amount of fact, accouchement adulation authoritative their own adorable cup cakes.

Tip #5 Try something sweet!

A brace of lollies or sweets can aswell accomplish a abundant gift. As a amount of fact, it can about-face the sweets into a abundant gift. For instance, you can accomplish huge lollipops, huge snake lollies and so on.

So, these are 5 allowance account for parents. If you are a parent, accomplish abiding you accede these account while advancing or affairs ability for kids.

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